Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What is Viral Media


so do they count the impressions of each new page view to the same subject?

Not that there is anything wrong with multi html page sites in such a contest, its just they do not match what i think of for this type of media, a single page or file thats freely passed around the internet. It needs to be short and simple to understand.

is anyone else out there getting sick of JibJab doing the same long boring song parody over and over again. The one someone just showed me took 8 people to make. What they never heard of a castmember library????

I worked a full time IT job and took 2 days off to play grandpa - yet i still completed the movie in 12 days all by my lonesome ( yes all the voices too ) - Not that I would not want to have 10 people working for me, its just you would think with that much brain power they would have somthing new to say instead of beating the same old horse to death.

Dont come back to me about JibJab having lots of different stuff on their site. Cause i never hear about those movies on the news - If i were not a media producer , i would think singing bush is all they do.

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