Thursday, December 07, 2006

MSM Sucks Again

May be its me , but it seems more news time should have been spent on the 11 US Soldiers killed in Iraq and less time on the single death of a news man.

From local reports Mr. Kim was told to NOT take the scenic route this time of year and if driving at night to stay on the highway. As a reporter he should also have known that it was safer to stay with the car then to travel too far away from his family.

The news is he did not listen to the advice given to him at the tourist center and he left the safety of his car without proper protective clothes. That’s what killed him. He had a Choice... the Soldiers did not.

Why spend segment after segment on the Iraq study group report and not spend the same amount time on our troops in combat. We were allowed to see the war close up until Bush and company were not happy with the pictures any more.

The media seem to fear the withholding of information from the white house so much that they will put out what ever the Bushites say to put out.

The war on terror is way past our door steps , and is being lead by George Bush.

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