Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogging a multimeda project 5

Os 9 on my macintosh does not allow me to post at all. I saw that I can email a post but that was an option in a form I could not use.

A few things

Note books
One can not even start to do a project like this from multiple locations with out some kind of notes Visual and or written.

Most of the time i can remember 3 or 4 levels up or down but if a series has more the 4 variable subnames then i needto write them down somewhere.

Many times the info is written on the sketch pad on the side or the margin of a drawing or story board cell.

computer Tool
Windows any one of 4
3 have windows 2000
use for word documents and browser testing
1 has xp home
use for filezilla, crimson editor and browser tests

1 Duel g4 Macintosh
use for word, google searches and email – OS X10.3

1 Powerbook g3
use for photoshop, flash, SoundEffects Editor,Poser and bbedit - OS 9.2.2

Update Feb 08 2006
Added Sound editor and Poser to the software list on the powerbook

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