Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A thought experiment

Michael Medved -- ( mr wish he had stayed a movie reviewer - ) tries to make a point about hate against America saying its the fault of communist left wingers living off of pop culture. Ok, the right always seems to confuse social responsibility with communism and always will.

What he does use as a example of a true Good American is the movie its a wonderful life -

to quote medved 'George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) learns to appreciate his own worth after getting a glimpse of the direction his community of Bedford Falls might have taken had he not been around to serve and save it. By the same token, America bashers might try a thought experiment in which they imagine a world in which the USA never existed and played no current role.'

Ha, I say how about - Imagine a world were the US government and DHS treated the victims of Katrina the same way George Baily helped save his town.

Talk about the pot callin the kettle black

We are the Idle rich my ass!

Sadly, No! » Two-Minute Townhall

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