Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When the embeds stopped or 3 dead troops a day is OK

Why is it so easy to send countless reporters to a cold mountain?
cause they are all afraid to go to Iraq.

News to me is - New information and requires the 4 W's and H at a minimum.
Journalism 101 Who - What - Where - When , How and if line space permitted the possibility of Why, seems a lost art as mostly parroted opinion has become the norm we call news today.

The facts are that we are loosing almost 3 troops a day on average and the pentagons own report says casualties are up 32% from the first of the year. This is news and it is very important to the publics right to know. Every day - every news organization should have a - REPORT ON IRAQ AND AFGANASTAN - .

After 3 years we should have some idea what the mission was or is, from what I can tell the presidents idea of a mission is to hide until his term is over, ( If I were in the army i would not accept that as a mission EVER. ) and the american military and public be damned.

I can not stand being American anymore, it makes me sick to see how our country has become Bush country. Blind faith and blind obedience has taken the place of compassion and common sense. Free ideas and free thought have given way to no freedom and no thought.

Mr. Bush you make me sick. America when will enough be enough!

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