Tuesday, September 19, 2006

search in vain

This is so darn 2 faced. Using Youtube to put up government anti-drug videos, that show the evils of pot is fine , If they also put up anti alcohol videos too.

The big KILLER drug is missing from all the GOV sponsored Drug prevention sites.

The personal freedom to make liquor tops the health and safety problems caused by using any alcohol. Why is there no Legal Limit for pot users or lsd users - No - ONLY Alcohol users get special treatment.

Some 70+ year old man get arrested for smoking pot and a glass of wine gets blessed by the lord. That is duplicity

Country Music Vet. get arrested

GOV anti - drug sites - Find the alcohol info if you can


The gateway Liquid
After breast milk,it starts simple enough, sip of water here glass of water there before ya know it your into cows milk. Soon its juices, then grape soda which is just the same as wine right.

We can no longer ignore thhe fact that water is a gateway liquid.In fact what is needed is stricter federal control on the use and distribution of H2O and its additives. Congress must realize the importance of a war on water.

Update2 9-21-06
Techdirt has more on Pushback.com and Gov use of youtube

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