Friday, August 25, 2006

Rocky and Bullship

1. Official FemaTrailer -
Anyone who knows about mobile homes knows the Trailer Rocky is pulling was as far from a REAL FEMA trailer as you can get. So no FEMA trailer was ever moved any where.
If someone was trying to get there home together -with the fights with insurance companies and most federal money just collecting interest - 2 weeks away from that home and job is a near impossibility - Just in the price of gas alone.

2. Surprise - Maybe I can get Bush to see me if I just go un announced
Huh , so far it looks like Rocky had a calendar date set to meet Gerogie boy - but the White House did not know about it- Can you say Sadam had WMDs

3. I like this guy
To GWB a 2 party system is 2 buddies with different dressing styles who ,love each other anyway. Sure ill meet with you if your a shill or disciple

A 2 party system means 2 parties with DIFFERENT opinions of lots of things not one group thats always right and everyone else is a traitor or terrorist

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