Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why 60 in the Senate

Or how the GOP AND the Bush administration are holding back bills and blaming Democrats.

While trying to not get sick watching CSPAN - is over site a good use of the congress - , i noticed how many republican callers still believe the democrats are a do nothing congress and the stalemate is congress fault.

Meet ,Mister veto - the 51 percent killer.

If the president threatens to veto a bill the senate needs 60 votes to override the veto and make the bill a law.

So with Few if any republicans willing to go against the president - Bush has vetoed bills even from the previous rubber stamp republican congress - the democrats can not get the 60 votes to make a law and nullify Bushies Veto.

Media Matters for America
DeLay's Politico column on "failures" of the Democratic Congress rife with falsehoods

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