Sunday, July 15, 2007

Iphone needs a new battery.

Fox5 New Yorks prenews teasers were

  • Iphone consumer awareness report!!!
  • Go without your data if you buy an iphone.
  • Iphone batterys dying.

I was annoyed as my wife says thats not good, the iphones are broken, wonder is this a recall??

No it was just as i thought - a Murdoch anti-apple hit piece disguised as news. Brent larson comes on and gives a full report on the issue - which consists of parroting another hit piece from the Pro-Microsoft lobby at PCWorld magazine.
The only - expert - quote comes from the writer of the PCmag article not a outside verifiable source.
See my previous story link here

A battery is not DEAD at 80% charge hold and 2 years of battery life is not short term replacement.

Its not Fox News - its Ruperts mouth piece
Its not ABC news anymore - its Disney Flavored News

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