Thursday, July 05, 2007

They dont call it MicroSoftNBC for nothing

HEADLINE - Affair with iPhone cools when handset breaks
Sub heading - After four days with phone, trouble in paradise

Yet buried in the middle of the 5th graph is this

Sean said they’d simply swap my phone for another, and after some help from two guys named Chris at the Genius Bar, they took back the broken one and I left with the new iPhone.

Then the last paragraph 18 graphs down from the headline is
As for the iPhone I was given to replace the little hottie, the new one is much cooler to the touch when plugged in and in use, and therefore, so am I.

DOH - SO the big news is if your iphone is broken out of the box apple will give or send you a new one. WOW
How is that Trouble in paradise???
Based on the authors last sentence how is the affair cooled.

This is noxious reporting and corporate editing at its finest.

Just as they do with stories about the democratic presidential candidates - Spin lies and half truths for the first half to 2/3rds of a story , then maybe stick the real truth under that using offhanded english just in case someone has read that far.

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