Friday, July 06, 2007

Whats a SpamBlog


Or just google it for background..........

Ok heres the rub. NO real answers have been given to me about this. And as i just received my second auto response with out any of my questions answered.

Google reply below


As part of Blogger's ongoing efforts to combat spam blogs, we have an
automated spam classifying system that determines whether a blog is
potentially spam or not. Because this is automated there will necessarily
be some false positives, though we are continually working on improving
our system to avoid these. Having now been cleared for regular use,
however, your blog will no longer be subject to this classification, and
you should not run into any more problems.

For more information, please see Blogger Help:

The Blogger Team

Yesterday i checked my blogs spam rating and searched for it in 2 different spamblog search sites it did not rate as spam. I have no more repeat tags or links then any other blogs.

The base used to set a blog a spam is not met by mine at all.

Without the answers to my questions from Google it seems --that if ANYONE decides your blog is spam, Blogger will add you to the spamblog list and let the spambot take care of it. No warning cause your a spam blog.

As google does not notify you if this happens someone being vengeful or angry that day could click the Flag this blog as spam button and force you to pay beat the Gotcha text for a week or 2 until you figure out the issue ( If you can ).

It happened to me.

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