Monday, July 23, 2007

Free Market Media my Ass

Or how is FoxNY the best in local or any other kind of news????

The change in point of view and perspective as Fox News --Rupurt Murdoch’s personal opinion media outlet-- went from no wing journalism to WingNut Journalism slowly over the last 6 years, should surprise no one.

1.…General Odierno’s remarks suggest that they don’t have the capability.

- What the general says is a suggestion

2. I respect that-he’s on the ground, he’s in the best position to make that judgment,
- Hes a OK guy that Odier fellow.....

3. but we’ve seen al Qaeda in Iraq export violence before, like the wedding reception in Amman, Jordan.
The president says its all the same 9-11 al Qaeda

4.So we’ve got to presume they’ve got the capability and the potential to act on it.
We say its so.

Lets see,

Lie about the reason for going to war.

Lie about how Iraq will welcome us with open arms.

Lie about the who you listen to and what they really say.

Lie about having a plan of ANY kind.

Dont trust any news media outlet, get at least 2 sources and verify what they say if you can.
Just sayin

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