Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh Dear we need more fear

Vice president runs the country through the hiding of documents.The presidents top aid practicing his hobby of minority voter suppression AND knowingly destroying historical records on a regular basis. Bush with the help of the -Not Patriot Act- and ATT has been going on a wild goose chase through our private conversations in search of terror.

So whats the NEWS for a weekend where reports are of the most US deaths months?

In one REPORT on the London bombing attempts the ugly mouth piece thats andrea mitchell said al qeida over 9 times even though they have not identified the exact terror group.

Failed to mention that Ben Ladin has been on the Afghanistan Pakistan border from the 1990s and car bombs have been a staple of the anti-isreal movement for years

No matter the bogus cry of -fight them there so they dont come here- we have known the bad guys have been and are here.

I feel not safer today then i did last week or last year or before 9-11.

BRITS see the BS too!!!
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