Monday, July 30, 2007

Its the flesh.... stupid!!!

Dress stains,cleavage and purdy hair- sounds like a country western song.

Sad that its a political news item but the GOP Basetards need the titillation And the word democrat or Clinton to keep their attention.

Mitts holding signs and his personal makeup artist - not anything about that in the depths of the cleavage story. The Washington Elite only see the liberals as primping or having sex and they are damn angry about it.

The Washington media and the GOP hide every thing behind closed doors/privileged conversations and lies.

How dare the democrats be out in the open about themselves.
How dare that woman ware a dress.

Oh the horror it must be for those poor rich Republicans.

Crooks and Liars MTP: Harwood Likens Hillarys Cleavage To Barry Bonds Doping

Update 07-31
Via Wolcott

Perhaps Pamela's jousting, outthrust, richly tanned finger is a surrogate phallus that they long to have oiled, primed, and inserted into a cranny of their own devise, filling an erotic vacancy left void by the defeat of Rick Santorum in 2004.

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