Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More MSM and The Torturapublicans II

OMG - Filibuster Bluster

Filibuster - in case you can not under stand the link or like some MSM heads only read the first part - is a TOOL USED BY THE SENATES MINORITY PARTY/GOP to block a vote.

Below see why media reporters and Producers are stupid.

On ABC/Disneys GMA, Sawyer falsely claimed Reid -vows to filibusterSenate

Democrats plan faux filibuster to pressure Republicans on Iraq

UPDATE 07-8-2007
More about the Backwards Media

Crooks and Liars » Getting filibusters backwards

Congress Expert: Wingers Wrong, Force-A-Filibuster Plan Not In Trouble | TPMCafe

Talking Points Memo | Filibuster. It Won't Bite
Is it the medias loss of ethics , inability to do proper research or both?

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