Friday, July 13, 2007

Iraq Fatigue Lie Fatigue

Damn and they just fall all over it.

The president just admits his office leaked information that caused an entire CIA front organization to be disbanded.
but its over.
lets get past that.

We have war fatigue because of Bushies say so. war fatigue is the GOPS method of giving the base an out for there need to distance them selves from Bush.

I myself have double talk fatigue, having to listen to the same ass backwards stories and the same head nodding reporting over and over.

Condy Rice head was on 3 stations at the exact same time answering 3 different questions all exactly the same.

Every time they mention 9-11 or al qeada as reasons to be fighting in Iraq, they are lying.

This is the news as it should be
- Bush Lies Again
Americans grumble and go back to work.
The Administration LIES.

Dont believe that the democrats have done nothing
Believe that the republicans have filibustered them every time.

Dont believe that George has Gods ear or that Laura cares.
Believe that Jesus would not kill little children

Dont believe when Rice or Gates or Chaney say anything.
Believe the sadness of the casualties of conflict

Update more today about Do nothing dems

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