Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is being a Republican a mental illness

LOL Democrats, promulgating a "myth of wrongdoing,"

i dont know what is sicker
Rethug Chris Cannons lying and downright untrue statement or
That the media will -REPORT IT- as fact.

The news should be -
Republic from Utah and Bush Loyalist Chris Cannon makes ridiculous comments about the presidents stonewalling, blames the dems instead.

Thats it. NO SPIN - No Lies and NOT buried 50 paragraphs down story, all ya need to know in one sentence.

Pretty simple and i needed only a few minutes to check out the facts on recent democratic changes to the constitution, or the fact that Bush and the Rethug rubber stampers have removed constitutional rights for all citizens.

Bet Not ONE Major media outlet has a reporter or editor with the moral respect for the news needed to put this story up.

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