Sunday, June 03, 2007

Terror my Ass

Give me a break

In the last 60 minutes on the news , not a single mention of Iraq or American casualties. Much time spent on a failed -TERRAH- plot, that took thye fbi one and a half years to get enough evidence to arrst 4 non Americans even with Bushs War act powers.

What is the news on this ? Where are the important questions?
Not on TV

Why , if the patriot act and FISA give the GOV instant access to warrentless search , did the FBI leave these fellows to freely plot for 18 months?

Given that this is the 3rd such terrah plot uncovered, aren't they over here already? We fight them there so they dont come here is also a failure then!

How safe are we ?
Big news about suspects personality and national origin.
No news or investigation of how safe and secure has Bushs tax cuts made our ports ,transportation hubs and pipe lines.

Unthinkable the damage this plot would have done IF IT SUCCEEDED??
Quote the GOV - this threat has been contained?????

For Shame
Are the gas and oil pipelines HERE guarded and secure?
If they are we do not need to be in IRAQ
If they are not then i think the army should be guarding my backyard not one in the middle east!!!

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