Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mancrush Pardon my testosterone

What is the Republican love of so called manly men, oh no its not gay we dont believe in tha gay!!!

Voyeuristic politics - Is gaining your political goals and demands through the stupidity / ignorance of others while you stay safely behind your big desk on your fat ass.

McCAIN -Bush might be wrong about the war but Hillary is wronger.

Romney - i am a devout believer in Jesus - if Jesus had taken up sword instead of an open hand and heart.

X mayor Rudy -I think we need more war and more bombs and im the coolest one.

Krystal - BooHoo my boyfriend Bush broke my heart- that scum ( luv ya anyway GWB )

Bush - i would pardon Libby but the only rules i have followed from the start are the pardon rules and poor Scooter wont have been in the pen long enough ! Sorry Sucka

Chaney - Scooters a good man - good family - ergh ergh - kill Iran and China - ergh

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