Friday, June 15, 2007

travesty of justice MSM Wrong again

For all the hounding about justice for scooter i have not heard one word about

  • One known - outed cia agent
  • a unknown unknown amount of cia agents being outed or compromised
  • or even
  • The reason he might have lied in the first 2nd and third place.

The true travesty of justice is someone committing a crime an paying for it. This happens every day , and NEVER makes the news more then a few feet from where it happened.

The only difference is this is a privileged person who committed his crime to save the vice presidents face.


UPDATE: 06-26-2007
MSM Worst offender
White House Correspondents Association
Oh the true Issues of Import

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe writes: "Let's face it: we're under attack. . . . [W]e, as the White House press corps, are on the receiving end of a concerted campaign by political partisans on both sides. We could just pretend like this storm is going to pass; but it's not. . . . Now is the time to stand up for who we are and what we do." On his agenda: "Well how about defending the annual dinner for a start."

War dead and hidden casualties, no health care , plus the added bonus of US citizen rights removal with dash of religious zealotry An the thing the press corpses report is -
Leave our dinner alone :P

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