Friday, March 30, 2007

Emails and lies

First i must say that there is nowhere in the rule of law or the constitution that states - these government employees serve at the pleasure of the president. Thats just another meme/phrase made up to fake out the uninformed.

Earlier this week i was reading about the number of steps a person has to consciously make to - send an email - its like 6 to 10 steps that need to be taken.

Sending an email:

1. Create a new message window.
2. Type name in the To field.
3. Skip the CC field.
4. Type subject in the Subject field.
5. Type message.
6. Send the message.

I can not for the life of me figure oput how someione that sends such a message could claim they can not recall the exact meaning of siad message or who it was sent to. That i a lie in its self.

The other big lie is - Rove stating he never uses email.. seems he uses it alot... just not the white house version of it. could not be anyone else. That domain is owned and run by the RNC a very political orginization with no way to secure or reasone to retain email records.

This alone puts our security at risk and is directly against the federal laws pertaining to the preservation of White House communications.

the fact that over a week has gone by with out any response from the RNC about the emails on there servers shows a big gap in there knowledge of the technology the are using or that they have something to hide. AND ARE HIDING IT NOW!!!

I can get emails off of the thee servers i administer in less then one hour as can most email admins i know. There should have been no delay. These messages are outside executive privilage and -even if they contain government secrets - should have been turned over right away.
Yet were are the messages?

I am sick of the lies.

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