Friday, March 16, 2007

Sorry Mr. Warlock

I the dummy, over-excited about doing the Doing the Deadmines instance , forget all that i read about groups and just used the in game group tool. This put me into a group that i guess knew the layout of the mimes cause they were all running trough while my little gnome legs and body kept getting lost on the way.

Then i get killed and click the wrong button sending me to the graveyard instead of using my soulstone! Running back got me lost in the mine, taking several minutes to find my body. When i did find it , i could not find my group - this led to me in a big room with a bunch of Elites and no way i could see thru or run thru.

Just then another warlock seemed to try to come over and help , when he got attacked i tabbed to what i thought was the mob he was fighting ( Hey watch the top of the screen dude ) and placed 2 spells on the guys pet instead of the monster.

man i think he was mad cause before i could type im sorry i was being spammed by shadow bolts and the other warlocks title had turned to red. Well i ran to a corner as fast as i could and used my hearthstone to exit the mines.

It cost me six soulshards to not even get to the entrance of the instance.

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