Tuesday, April 03, 2007

PWND in less then 60 seconds

dyslexia and shakes made going to a PVE server a no brainer. In a game like this a double key tap or mouse click can mean death and a NPC has a pattern I can figure out while another player does not.

As a much hated gnome many have tried to throw a duel flag up at me and for the 2 months I have been playing this game I declined them.

Yesterday during the quest chain for - Rains Cleansing - I was getting frustrated trying to find a path to a shrine to charge the thingy I had gotten. After 10 minutes of wandering around , I went to a web site for some clues and found a good description of the path , soon after finding the shrine.

Now if that was not frustrating enough, I tested the thing , turned into a dog bear and spun around to follow the path back. Well I held the turn right key a little to long and walked forward right into a gully between a tree and 2 hills, with no escape. My little gnome was fully stuck and my hearth stone had 21 minutes left of cool down. Arghhh

22 minutes later - I was a little ticked off as I started my way to the moonwell for the next part of the quest. Stopping right outside of the town for a minute to reread the quest.

Before I could blink - a level 29 blood elf frost mage says something about stupid gnomes as she/he throws up a duel flag. Now this is a game and you really don’t die , so even though I have no idea how to duel , my anger gets the best of me and I accept. DOH

First I had no idea there was a countdown nor when it starts, I got the clue by reading the chat/battle log... 3 ..2...1....Opps!. I got off a COA and she hit me and voidy with ice block, i hit my escape racial and she, caught off guard, ran away and as i turned to face her... all i saw were leaves in my face and i was dead.

So what did i learn,
1. In PVP duels you only have 3 seconds to get ready.
2. It helps to have a potion or health stone ready - my bag was closed and i have not set up all my macros yet - so no health stone hot key.
3. Never use the smart camera feature in a duel. :P

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