Friday, January 26, 2007

The Fake Truth - again


Based on what I have read the Bushites have been systematically Rewriting history, removing large sections of the federal web sites that do not follow the Bush-Gods point of view, and firing anyone that has a different view of the...

Stay the course -to stand down when they stand up - for the surge Plan thingy.

Why did Chaney go on a CNN interview show to NOT answer Wolf's questions?
arrrr no comment....arrr cant answer that,. arrr how dare you arrrr grandfather arrrr...

Is he that stupid to not know what an interview is? arrrrrrr

The UN-Decider
So Bush what does success mean to you. Sadam is dead and Iraq has had elections
the only reasons to stay are
1. Bush wants the Middle East to be the new US official annex - as opposed to the CIA/replace with our dictator of choice un-official annex.
2. Bush likes to send under protected soldiers to there deaths.


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