Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Drain Nazi

You ask wrong question.... no drain for you.

EBay can be a good thing but as many have found out not all buyers and sellers are good people.

What happens when you order a product - in this case a faucet, sink and parts - and you find it is damaged upon opening the package? Any good retailer would give you an RMA and quickly replace the product. Period!

Oh but on EBay its way different.

EBay Store owner

Receiving the package
From their own policy
-Freight Claims:

Reviewing and Inspecting Your Delivery
We take every effort to ensure that your order is picked and processed correctly. We also use extra packaging to ensure that it arrives to you safely.

Please inspect your order carefully at the time of receipt, you should confirm the accuracy of the order and verify that all products have arrived in satisfactory condition. Any claims for damages and/or errors must be made immediately. Any damaged product will be replaced and any errors will be corrected immediately. cannot accept responsibility for any damages that are concealed. Please make sure your freight is acceptable when you sign for it. Once you have signed for your goods in good shape any later recourse would have to be taken up directly with the freight company that delivered your goods._

I received the package and the box was in perfect condition. The next day when the shipping department checked the package in they found a single part had been bent.

Ok - note that this company takes no responsibility for any mistakes or damages done by there own people / cannot accept responsibility for any damages that are concealed / and try to put all the returns back at the shipper - fed ex in this case.

Not knowing they had this website or this policy we went about the task of contacting them - THRU EBAY methods- for return merchandise information.

After several days the buyer here left a neutral rating for the sale saying to the effect - the thing came here fast but we need all usable parts to install it. This is not bad nor is it a lie.

OH NO, seems this seller sees neutral ratings as bad for his business so what’s he do?? He says they will send us a new part after they receive the broken part back and we remove the neutral rating.

So after 2 weeks we get the return information and sent the part back. But even after they received the part back they refused to replace it or refund the money unless we removed the bad rating. At one point I myself answered the phone when the owner/guy called us back and to me over the phone / imp just a consultant helping with the phones at lunch time / he said - You no want to make me trouble, you not get your part or money until you change feedback - !

Now we have finally gotten a refund but only on the broken part, the seller is still adding negative information into the feedback comments.

Just a note - Buyer beware

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