Sunday, January 14, 2007


Or Victory

When did the rethugs start this all due respect crap , they never mean it OR used it when in power?

How is leaving Iraq now a defeat?
Our Bush goals were to remove WMD's and to get the Evil Saddam
Those are both met, it time to say its over.

Out Rage -
Lieberliar - Brought up 9/11,twice and winning means democracy in Iran , Arabs following us home to kill me.

Its all lies and fear mongering. My feeling of disgust is close to vomit. I like many others found means of travel to the city on the 12th and continued with the tech support needed to keep 3 business's running. Dont tell me when to be afraid and what terror is.
I did not know of terror when hiding under a desk in an air raid drill?
I did not know of terror when shown the films of concentration camps?
I did not know of terror when the hostages were taken in the Olympics?
I did not know of terror when doing consulting in a building that had its basement attacked a few years before?

I am not a defeatist , not afraid , just aware.

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