Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Extra Violence from the surge noted as part of success

Basra violence is a result of -The Success- of the surge and bush appoints a cyber-security czar whos got zero experience.

Why would i be angry or surprised when my president is mister opposite

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Via Balloon Juice
Worst Spin Ever

This is even dumber than the previously trumpeted “The fact that they are resorting to suicide bombs is a sign of our success!”
Just make this all stop. Blogging is too depressing anymore- it really was more fun when I was with the right wing and “making my own reality.” This actual reality just sucks.
Bush Luvs the troops families

Nobody could not have anticipated

After all, everything undertaken in Iraq is immediately proclaimed a victory by the Bush Administration. Yesterday, Bush and the Pentagon were already portraying the action in Basra as a "VICTORY" for the surge.
So for those of you scoring at home, or at a Motel 6, when you're finished here is the the rundown.
- Horrific biblical levels of violence = Success
- Protracted intolerable levels of violence = Success
- A return to horrific levels of violence = Success
Basra is burning

Be honest - have you even thought about the Badr Brigade in the last two years? You haven't have you? Well, think about it now - where do you think all those militiamen disappeared to? They sure as hell didn't go back into their lamps, you know. But the average American has about that level of understanding about just what the hell has been done in their name. Nimrods. (Not you guys, everyone else. Especially the idiots who still support this mess.)

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