Monday, March 24, 2008

4000 is not a Milestone or 4 dead a day is not OK

From FDL

And there are disturbing signs that the overall level of violence in Iraq may again be rising. First were reports that General Petraeus might favor a "pause" in further withdrawals of US troops once troop levels got down to about 140,000 this summer. Perhaps he was just being prudent by giving US commanders time to assure themselves that the progress they had achieved from the surge would continue even as the US drew down its forces.
In our 6th year of military operations in Iraq, we knew this day would come, we knew this number would come. 4000. Any death from Iraq is unacceptable, but to hear the announcement of the 4000th US death in Iraq on Easter, a day of joyous celebration, is an affront, one of those karmic ironies that should not happen.

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