Friday, March 28, 2008

ohhh macbook air hacked in 24hours and 2 minutes

By a high end security expert.

Macbook Air hacked in contest

the team was able to gain control of a MacBook Air on the second day of the hacking competition, which pitted the Air against Windows Vista and Ubuntu machines.
No one was able to execute code on any of the systems on Wednesday, the first day of the contest, when hacks were limited to over-the-network techniques on the operating systems themselves. But on the second day, the rules changed..
Tell me some news please

Even when they get the headline somewhat right they put the important points are at the bottom
MacBook Air Hacked -- But It Was the Browser's Fault
By Jennifer LeClaire
Indeed, Miller's hack into a MacBook Air could have just as easily have been a PC running Windows and Safari. Just this week, Argentinian hacker Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian discovered two critical flaws in Apple's Safari 3.1 browser for Windows.

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