Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PussyPURREENO... Bushes new temp mouth piece

Reid not in denial!
PURRREENO - "First of all, he's in denial about the enemy that we face. This is a vicious and brutal enemy that wants to kill innocent men, women and children of Iraq, people who enjoy and love freedom, and that includes Americans.

HUH who is this enemy??

PURRREENO - So it's not in our long-term national security interests in order to not deal with this enemy now.
"Secondly, he's in denial about the conflict that we are in, how al Qaeda is inciting sectarian violence.

Oh the Al Qaeda in Iraq enemy A HA !!

PURRREENO - He is in denial about the new Baghdad security plan and the new changes that we've implemented in al Anbar province.

That have made no difference in the violence over there.

PURRREENO - He's also in denial that a surrender date he thinks is a good idea. It is not a good idea. It is defeat. It is a death sentence for the millions of Iraqis who voted for a constitution, who voted for a government, who voted for a free and democratic society.

as opposed to the current US death sentence for Iraqi's

Bushs own mouth today
"The president took seniors and advocacy group leaders on a tour of the Oval Office . . .Bush told the group there is great pressure in Washington to change principles for the sake of political popularity, but he said he would not.

As he has already accomplished that himself for the GOP

"'It's a struggle for some. It's not for me,' he said.

6 Years of a rubber stamp congress and signing statements make no Prez struggle at all

"He showed the group a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. He said Lincoln was unpopular during the Civil War but maintained his belief that all men are created equal.
"'Look what would have happened to history' if Lincoln had abandoned that principle, Bush said."

Mr. Bush , i know Abe Lincoln and you are NO Abe Lincoln!!

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