Friday, April 20, 2007

Bush does not care at all

"'I want to remind you that after Vietnam, after we left, millions of people lost their life,' Bush said [in Tipp City, Ohio] when an audience member asked about comparisons between Vietnam and Iraq. 'The Khmer Rouge, for example, in Cambodia. And my concern is there would be a parallel. .

OIC, So Bush like start about Vietnam but answer about Cambodia.
Not the Vietnam War but the South East Asia war.
Not the Iraqi conflict but the Middle East War.

. . The same thing would happen. There would be the slaughter of a lot of innocent life.

Less then the 100 plus Iraqis that die every day now.
Less then the 3 to 5 Official US Soldiers deaths a day?

The difference, of course, is that this time around, the enemy wouldn't just be content to stay in the Middle East; they'd follow us here.'

Why does he assume that they would follow us here.
Does Iraq have Jets and Submarines i dont know about?
Maybe they can hold there breath real long and will swim over?
George Bush is insane

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