Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bush has Access to darpa and choose microsoft

Why are Rim and microsoft missing from the noted contractor list, blackberrys with outlook and windows require licenses and license management

An it was all fine but they did not want to use it. This is a several page sales pitch to switch to exchange.

OMG they replaced ARMS with EARS

Added 2-27-2008
From Wikipedia on origin of email
The ARPANET computer network made a large contribution to the development of e-mail. There is one report[32] that indicates experimental inter-system e-mail transfers on it shortly after its creation, in 1969. Ray Tomlinson initiated the use of the @ sign to separate the names of the user and their machine in 1971.[33] The ARPANET significantly increased the popularity of e-mail, and it became the killer app of the ARPANET.

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