Friday, May 04, 2007

War Plans Goals and Objectives

I am no war monger , am anti-violence in all cases, but i have hobbies and One is simulations. over the years i have run many sims of civil war battles.

These sims were run using paper maps with little pieces for the troops,pre PC days, using dice and war statistics.

To go to war you need A SOLID plan of attack, with a set of reachable goals that define specific objectives.

Currently active duty in U.S. military, and would like to express that I’m tired of hearing how America wants us home. I’m on schedule to return to Iraq in a few months and 201. I would rather get the job done right now and not return a few years or a decade from now. Majority of the military just want America’s support and needed funds to continue with our mission. And about the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on May 1 2003, at that time we did accomplish our mission and another mission was issued afterwards. For those that don’t know how military orders work should assist and join our volunteer armed forces. I appreciate those Americans that just say “Thank You for Your Service”, and move on. That’s all we ask for.
Thank You,

But one has to ask what was the specific objective the Mission Accomplished ?
-THIS should be a known-known as Rummy would say and also after 4 years not a military secret.

What is this other current mission given after words ?
Was there a PLAN other then _When the Iraqis stand down? (this is a meme/double talk not a plan )

What is the job these recruits think they are getting done?
There job - if they forgot - is to protect the United States- not be a Police force for other countries.

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