Monday, May 14, 2007

Reducing the suffering - By covering your eyes

30 Troops died last week
3 Troops kidnapped

Notice that the NEWS is 3 missing in IRAQ. The amount of time spent on coverage of this story on local/national/cable News shows was about 100 to 1 compared to the time spent on REPORTING troop death.

Why and what is the difference in the 2 stories?

The difference is this, if the White House can skew or attach blame of a war attack on AL KAADA the news organizations/MSM are required by Bushie to report it , BUT IF the violence is Civil War or sectarian related MSM must NOT REPORT IT or the White House will remove all access to any more war reporting.

Froomkin via Washington Post - relatively little violence from Iraq -- particularly sectarian killings or attacks on U.S. troops -- appears on American television screens -

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