Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hackyou gesuntite - Flash Edition Part 2

1 to design the hardware , choose and integrate a BIOS so chips can talk to each other
2 Create a environment for users to run programs
3. Create a application/program people can interface with

What Is Flash ?
Flash is a computer program that allows developers to create vector based content ( images that scale without lose of detail )
Flash CS and a graphics tablet or some geometric algorithms can create a application.
Flashes development language is called action script.
Flash applets run/display/execute in a web browser or media specific player.

Flash programs can be crappy , because lazy developers and non programmers dont know about memory holes.

Hear your hard drive or fan screaming away while a flash movie plays thats letting a endless loop run unattended and the API makes creating such loops to easy.

The problem with the current version is even greater because adobe has allowed external class definitions to be modifiable.

Before all flash classes were predefined on startup and called internally, so a external text file for veriables was all that was needed, flash did not even care how you defined the text document as .txt or .opc or .xyz the player assumed the called file would be ascii text.

Now its expected that the text file have a XML extension but thier is no special flash DTD doc and anyone can makeup the XML tags. Is it really even xml?

Then there is the use of external class call documents, this would be fine except they are also in ascii format and end user writable.
so joe blows document will not be the same as jim smiths document.....

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