Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buttons and cascades Flash Edition Part 3

So ya what to write a computer program or game, i have talked about the tools coders use but there is another aspect. Whats it going to do.

MacroMedia Director Lingo
1 basic interactivity
Click or rollover button somthing happens
Clinton Jams - http://www.dauz.com/games/shockA8.html
Mouse Drumming - http://www.dauz.com/games/shockA7.html

2 GameA
timed click or roll over button somthing happens
Wack A Mole - http://www.dauz.com/games/shockA91.html
Cyber Golf - http://www.dauz.com/games/shockA3.html

Fake machine AI - 2 player input
Penguin FIghter - http://www.dauz.com/games/shockA4.html
P = Punch press the p button on key board or click mouse on circle P
I = Punch press the I button on key board or click mouse on circle I
B = Punch press the B button on key board or click mouse on circle B
one player on keyborad AND one on mouse at the same time.

Simulate a real world application - Color Forms
BallonColorForms - http://www.dauz.com/Joe/gameball.html

Macromedia/Adobe Flash Action Script
1 basic interactivity
Dauz.com - http://www.dauz.com
balloonroom.com - http://www.balloonroom.com/2002/index.html
Tainted Media - http://www.dauz.com/Joe/circusjerks/

2 GameA
Iso-Metric Movement computation with generic source calls
Spoon RIver Sample Site - http://www.dauz.com/river/

All Artwork Save WackAmole and Cyber Golf and all code tm Internetjoe
WackAMole and Cyber Golf - tm David Reid

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