Thursday, February 01, 2007

Its the Light .. Fear the light

Due to the lovely Patriot Act, hanging anything off of a bridge without the police or cities permission is plain stupid so I can understand a paranoid driver seeing a glint on a bridge, thanks to the Bush inspired terrorizing of the public.

What I can not see is a police bomb expert or anyone with some knowledge of electronics call that a bomb or device. Or to take so long to ID the sign and mislead the public of the danger.

It is a sad state of affairs when people jump to conclusions due to fear of a light bulb.

Fox news still called them devices six times in their story not once saying the were lighted signs.

Update 2
the cities side-
For hours, police treated the signs, about 1 by 1-1/2 feet with protruding wires and batteries, as potentially dangerous until they found one in a darker area, where the cartoon character pattern was clearly visible, triggered by an absence of sunlight. A Boston Police analyst later recognized the cartoon, and it was proclaimed a hoax -- drawing far more publicity than Turner Broadcasting System Inc. ever contemplated.-

For hours folks, the deployment of dozens of state, federal, and Boston police specialists, from bomb experts to terrorism analysts and it took seeing one in the dark?

That does not bode well for the people of Boston.

Above a picture of the sign in SUN LIGHT

Can not decide from this image if its a bomb myself -DUH- but you would think an expert or a reporter might for a story.

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