Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Untraceable 2008 Good Idea Shitty execution

i watch any media with skepticism, the how its done takes priority over the substance of the thing. And unless its a cartoon it takes alot to suspend my disbelief.

So you can imagine my surprise when just several minutes into the film the lead FBI lady comes home and Directly vpns into the FBI main system with remote desktop.

1. Even in a small business this is not recommended security.

Later in the film she twice leaves the VPN screen running with the clid in the house.

2. A FBI Agent would be trained to shut the machine off OR have the machine programmed to shut it self off.

The daughter sees the evil movie on moms computer. (Not even a screen Saver Lock mister director)

3. HOGWASH!!! Windows,Linux and Macintosh All have multiuser privilege abilities. Any admin with a brain would know that a boxed user for the kid IS A GIVEN specially for the FBI.

How can i believe even a good actress if the material background has been ignored. Bad Bad Movie

As a side note If this movie was ment to show what happens to us when our government is populated by friends of Bush and not experts, then it could have been a good movie. As is your better off missing this trace.

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