Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Betrayed By the Tainted Media

I often feel -overly Betrayed-by the lame journalistic attempts of todays media producers. The idea that a News orginization would jerk the rigging and use our own bots against us is quite sobering.

I think the use of headlines for information scanning is no longer a viable option for consumption on general access sites. A headline in My Rss reader from My known sources has a 98 percent chance that the story explains the headline.

Google News, Yahoo News even most any newpaper or tv news site just the same 1 or 2 stories rewriten 1000  times.
70% chance its just a Press Release - 30% Chance its not about the story or its biased. Thats not good enough for me to waste my time anymore.

Even The mighty AP seems to have forgotten the WWWWH and W (Who, What,Where,When,How and if space permits Why ) of EVERY story that is to be News.

Publishing Giants be damed - Full speed ahead.

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