Friday, August 01, 2008

Angry Apple Admin

Update - more Media tactics and i dont expect a reply this time

Subject: Re: Apple: Out of Touch With Server Room Needs
From Me.......


Sure your welcome -
no quibble with the ownership is going to change 2 pieces of the same pie - you want me to add a correction to my story no problem just ask ..not tell.

But JupiterMedia has been on the INTERNET for a very long time, i find it hard to believe they dont realize people link directly to article pages, is that what a Exe editor Of Their News site is telling me??

First Giving me your best when i felt put down by the story, then thinking i was blogging you and not your web site does not seem the correct way to deal with _*any*_ readers.

Bless your little heart for trying though

Joe Dauz
Its all good in the long run...

Erin Joyce wrote:


The Opinion tab is in the secondary navigation.
Here's our commentary section:

Also, just to be clear, the corporate parent of the site is actually
Jupitermedia, not
But that you thought it was news suggests we could look into how well the
piece is labeled as OPINION.
Thanks for blogging me!

Erin Joyce
Executive Editor

Original Post ..
When most of the the cash you make comes from Microsoft you can have a open mind on technology topics..NOT!!!!

When the only people talked to have much invested in Windows servers and exchange/RIM lock in, they do not seem like the experts to talk to about unix based servers.

As a note.
I have used Macs for web servers And mail from 1996, For publishing from 92, and 2000 with quicktime streaming server, the best and cheapest server to run drm free media out of. Now maybe there is a unix media server that is better but i have not run intø it yet.

EMails Below

Hi Erin

Just want to reply ON the record..

1. Your web site news thing has no commentary section in the primary or secondary navigation. It is not PLAIN that it is commentary.
2. So nice that you gave yourself permission to share a story. Both your site and serverwatch are ownd by
3. Im putting this up on the blog

Best my ass

Joe Dauz

Erin Joyce wrote:
Hi Joe,
Thanks for writing.
Just wanted to note that the piece is a commentary andran in our commentary section.Also cc-ing Amy Newman, who manages the site, which firstran the column that we were given permission to publish.

Erin Joyce

MY comment from web site form
Please Sir
ITS NOT NEWS.One sided punditry is fine. Just dont call it news. All imagined or secondhand hypothesis is not real time news. And as a admin of apple machines i find your article personally degrading, more for comedy central then a news site.

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