Friday, July 11, 2008

I can afford to pay 600 dollars for a phone

But i have no brain cells....

Sup with this angry media hype - most all articles start out with one or 2 paragraphs about the mess, horror or mistake Apple made. Then finish the story with how cool the phone and apps are in a 2 faced move that would make McBush proud.

Can you say Zune or Vista - Not even Microsoft could pull this type of mass product exposure, and this ( delays in getting your pretty pretty shiny shiny ) gets folks mad.

I have so called bricked my ipod touch 3 times and have gotten it back fine each time - using the same functions for reset they would use at the Apple store or repair center. Easy to use
The Google
to find that info as you should be able to if want a IPhone.

One day 2 days Oh big deal.

DO your job or get a life worth being happy about.

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