Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Unfortunate Return Of Yellow Journalism...[Part 1]

OMG There is yellow journalism

Via BalloonJuice
One of the classic examples of groupthink Janis refers to is the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Keep this list in mind when you watch the video, particularly the response from Rove, Bartlett and others to McClellan’s book. Probably something folks like me should also keep in mind when discussing the Clinton campaign.

From IamTRex

The shit is blowing wide open and as citizens of Lefty Blogistan, I would like to congratulate each and every one of you for Being Right All Along. Probably nobody in the corporate media is going to do that, so everybody, all together now.

1. Raise your arm.
2. Bend your elbow.
3. Pat yourself on the back.
Now, smile, because that’s probably all you’re getting.
This is the difference between the conspiracies that the Right sees and the ones we write about. Ours are real.

Via CrooksAndLiars
Karl Rove was on H&C and says he’s irresponsible in his behavior and compliments Scotty by saying he sounds like a left wing blogger. Thanks Karl, that’s quite a compliment. You see, truth and honesty are now associated to left wing blogs and lying, distorting and Stepford like behavior is now what Conservative Republicans represent.

And ME

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